Let’s “Spring Clean” Our Minds

In a process of simplifying my life, I started thinking about what are the unnecessary thoughts that I can get rid of. The thoughts that are just a noise and a clutter. The thoughts that create negative feelings and does a really good job lessening my confidence. It’s just like cleaning out my closet — I need to determine what clothes I don’t wear, pack them up and throw them away. Even though those clothes are super comfortable or I feel attached to them, I have to courageously throw them out and make sure I don’t just put them aside in case I want them back. You see, if you just put them aside, your closet is still cluttered and at the end of day, you didn’t really clean out anything.

So, before I throw away my unnecessary thoughts, I will need to identify them first. Here’s my list:


Let me give you a really silly example. When I talk over the phone in a very quiet office, I get self-conscious and try to sound more professional, thinking that others will listen. I know it’s so silly, but I always have this constant fear of what other people will think of me. Whether they think about something negative or positive about me (although most of the time, they probably won’t think about me at all), let’s remember that everybody has a right to form “their” own thoughts and you have no control over that. Further, you probably won’t even know what they truly think about you anyways, so why do you waste time guessing and caring about others’ thoughts.


When you use a flashlight, you can only see the item that you are flashing the light on. Other items are dark and you probably won’t even notice that the other items were there. The point is, the things that we are good at we tend to take them for granted and only flash the light on those that we are not so good at. Let’s remember everybody is good at something and not so good at other things. If we were good at everything, what’s there in life? So, let’s be grateful that only because we aren’t perfect, we “earn” a chance to learn and improve.


When I see other people on Facebook, or other successful bloggers posting pictures of fancy meals, fashionable high-end brand items or extravagant vacation, I envy them and suddenly I feel so small. They may really be rich and living those lifestyle but maybe they are only posting “those” pictures that makes them look desirable. Whatever it is, who cares. Let’s focus on living my life. Comparing is a relative concept – comparing to those seemingly successful people may make you look small, but if you compare yourself to homeless people you now look very successful.

I know – It’s easier said then done. Don’t expect to get rid of those thoughts overnight. If you are like me, those unnecessary thoughts were part of you and have been living in your head pretty much your whole life. So, don’t rush yourself and it is okay if some of those thoughts unconsciously pops up. The point is to be aware of those unnecessary thoughts and at least give it your best shot to shoo them away. Just think of it as a long cleaning process but you know that ultimately you will reach the “clean” state.

What unnecessary thoughts do you have? I hope this posting encouraged you to create your list. I think it’s never too late to “spring clean” your mind. Let’s get rid of the clutter and fill those space with positive thoughts and energy. The thoughts that makes you feel good and your heart “warm.” The very thoughts that makes you appreciate “you” for who you are (because it’s you!).


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