How To “Balance” The Use Of Smartphone

balance smartphone use

Does this remind you of yourself? Well, this is a drawing of myself with my seemingly “precious” cell phone. When I read those articles about “Signs You’re Addicted to Your Cell Phone,” and whether the article lists out 4, 10, or 23 signs, I seem to answer “yes” to all of them. I think we are pretty much aware that this is a “problem” or is it? Some say it’s a problem because people text while driving and that’s dangerous. Others say we are constantly distracted and causes us to lose focus. And finally, being attached to our smartphone affects our relationship and reduces the face-to-face interactions. But how about the benefits? Isn’t our life a little better because of the smartphone too?

Well, my life is because it allows me to “google” pretty much everything I want. Literally, the knowledge is in the palm of my hands. When I am curious about something, I can search and access the information right there and then. Also, by linking my work email to my smartphone, it gives me the flexibility to respond to urgent requests without physically being in front of my computer. Finally, smartphone allows us to communicate in a way we never imagined possible — we can facetime with our friends and families who live afar, and of course, we can form virtual connections via social network.

My point is not to promote or discourage the usage of your smartphone but rather to find a good “balance.” How about we “sacrifice” a piece of our smartphone time to something better every day? You don’t even have to sacrifice much — it can be as simple as facing your phone down during meal time with your family. In an attempt to answer “yes” to only 70% (and ideally, reduce it down to 50%) of the signs that I’m addicted to my smartphone, here I wanted to share with you what small changes I decided to make:


Okay, I know this is TMI, but, yes, I admit. I use my smartphone in the restroom, which I no longer decided to do! Instead, I decided to have a notebook handy where I can jot down new ideas and creative thoughts for my blog and coming up Youtube channel.


OK, not a good role model on this one either. After a long day of work, I’m tired so what do I do with my kids in the evening? I play with my smartphone and hand iPadsΒ to my kids. So, instead, I decided to have some “activity” time — It can be playing a game (my favorite is the “honeybee tree game*”) or having an ice cream night. It really doesn’t require much time. Why not ditch the smartphone for a moment and enjoy the precious relationship you have with your kids or whoever in your life.


I used to watch Youtube videos on my smartphone a lot before I go to sleep. I mean, with two young kids, this is the only time I have for myself! But also, this is the only time where I can lie down and relax in a quiet setting. So, instead of clicking through my smartphone, I decided to look back and reflect on my day — did I have a good day? why or why not? Is there something I can improve on? You don’t need to think too “deep.” The purpose is to have a quick look back and think of something you can appreciate.

What small changes are you willing to make?

*If you are interested, check out the “Honey Bee Tree” game πŸ™‚

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