Why Grass Is Not Always Greener on The Other Side

Have you ever compared yourself to others? Have you ever been jealous of those people who always posts glamorous pictures on Facebook or Instagram? What about your friends who seem to have it all? Have you ever felt like, if you only have this (whether is a new job, a significant other, or more money), you will be so much more happier? Is grass really greener on the other side?

Well, I certainly thought so. I’ve always wanted to land a better job, title, and better pay. Only if I can make more money, I will be set financially. I’ve always wanted a bigger home. Only if I had much more space, I will have more room for new furnitures and things I’ve always wanted. As a working mom, I’ve always felt guilty of not being there for my kids at all times. Only if I can be a stay-at-home mom, I’ll be able to give my full attention to them.

Throughout my life, there were times where I’ve reached “the other side” – I’ve landed a better job with a better pay, and I’ve been to those glamorous travel spots posted by others on Facebook. But here’s the thing, once you get to that “other side,” the side that you thought was so much greener than where you were, guess what, there’s “another side” that seems to be even greener. So, here are some good reasons why you shouldn’t care about the “other side.”


As mentioned, once you get to a point where you think you would be so much happier, there’s always another point you want to be. So the cycle never ends. At which point do you think you would be truly happy? I’ve once had a friend who wanted a bigger house and all she really wanted is just more space. But once she finally moved to a place she dreamt of, she wasn’t happy. Now, she wanted new furnitures, appliances, carpets, and much more stuff that matches with the bigger, fancier house.


If you compare yourself to others and feel that others have better life than you, then you are only focusing on what you desire to be. On Facebook or Instagram, people tend to post the best pictures of what is happening in their lives – it doesn’t mean they live glamorously every single day. The friend who seems to have it all may actually be in high stress and have concerns and other problems that you may not be aware of. The point is, when we look at “the other side,” we tend to only focus on what you envy of rather than the whole picture.


Who is it to determine that “the other side” is greener? – Ultimately, it’s you. It is not a fact that “the other side” is always greener. It is you who assumes that it will be. By slightly changing the way you think, you can actually realize that where you are today, right now, is the greenest place. I know it sounds cliché, but it is true! – happiness is really what you make it.

My passion is on simplifying our lives and the integral part of doing so is by simplify our minds. When you start focusing on “the other side,” your mind becomes filled with unnecessary desire, jealousy, and dissatisfaction. Don’t crowd your mind with those thoughts, but rather focus and be aware of what is around you on “your side.” If you look closely, I promise you’ll realize what you have today is actually pretty awesome!

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