Do You See Your Future?

I’ve watched a very powerful TedTalk by Patti Dobrowolski the other day, and thought I share it with you. She believes that your vision can become a reality. More specifically, she introduces “three bold steps” – if you want to make a change in life, you have to see it, believe it, and train your brain to act on it. And one of the best way to “see” your vision is to draw them out.

Her talk is quite compelling and she convinced me to give it a try. I honestly don’t know if this is a proven method, but I’ve got nothing to lose right? At least, she claims, we feel happy, creative, and cool when we draw.

Just recently, I’ve been feeling that something is missing in life. I’ve achieved lot of things— the things what people would normally think of as successful. But, someone deep inside me tells me otherwise. She tells me I am not happy and meant to do something else. Something more fulfilling. The best way I can describe my situation is like this: It’s like I’ve found this perfect clothes at Nordstrom – the brand, price, and quality. You just can’t find anything better than this. But, here’s the thing – when I put them on, it doesn’t suit me. I look in the mirror and I don’t look good in it. I can’t pinpoint what exactly isn’t right but my gut feeling tells me not to buy this clothes.

So, I have a vision. A vision to be free. When I say freedom, it’s not just about being my own boss (although it is part of it!). My definition of freedom is not being tied down to anything. I don’t want material things and money to rule my life. I don’t want to fit into other people’s standards anymore. I don’t want to live a busy and tiring life. But instead, I want to live a simple and conscious life where I get to decide what is the best way to live my life. I want to live with inner calmness and peace of mind.

This is how my vision (current state vs. future state) looks like.

See your Future

Do I see it? Yes, I clearly see that I want more from life.

Do I believe it? I try to. This is something that is particularly hard for me. I’m still at the exploring stage of finding my passion, so not sure what to believe in. But l’m slowly growing a little faith in me every time I do something that makes me feel good — like posting at my blog! 🙂

Am I training my brain to act on it? Absolutely! I agree, from time to time, I have doubts and lots of it. But, hey, at least I started this blog which I believe is a huge step to something greater. Also, when I started this journey I was overwhelmed with too much stuff in life, but took a step to adopt a minimalism lifestyle, decluttered (which is still on-going), and figuring out a way to simplify my life.

Who knows? Couple of years later, I may be living the “future” state in my drawing. However way my future will turn out, it’s true, the drawing did indeed made me feel happy, creative, and cool! 🙂

Picture Credit: by Rodion Kutsaev (

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