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As a new blogger, I’m sure we all felt overwhelmed at one point or another.  I had so many questions, yet didn’t know where to start. The only way I can think of was to list out all my questions and start googling them one-by-one. It isn’t really hard to find articles and videos relating to the topic you are googling– there are plethora of information. The real challenge is to find resources that are actually easy for a beginner to understand. Sound familiar?

As a fellow blogger, I want to help you and make your life easier. This posting is all about easing your frustration and saving your time. So, here I simplified few resources that I find it really useful, especially if you just started blogging (my site is all about simplifying after all!).

Before we get started, please be mindful that I still have so much more to learn and a work in progress, which means my list may not cover too many areas. But, my hope is to expand the list below as I gain more knowledge (and share with you, of course!). Another thing to note is that some information may only be relevant to WordPress (sorry!). However, if you have any questions at all, please feel free to leave me comments below — I’m all about learning together!

#1 SEO

I think this summarizes nicely of what SEO is: “all SEOs generally shares the same goal – to help a website be found by more people, more easily – the way they get there can vary widely.”

Understanding SEO – This website breaks down the information nicely and very beginner friendly.

How to install SEO – This video walks you through “step-by-step” on installation, options you can modify, and how to start using SEO on your postings. The down side is this is for WordPress instruction and the video is 25 minutes long.

#2 Google Analytics

In a nutshell, Google Analytics is a tool to track and analyze who is visiting your blog.

Understanding Google Analytics -This website breaks down the information nicely and very beginner friendly.

How to install Google Analytics – I’ve watched many videos and I think this was the only one that was very clear and simple. Also, for WordPress instruction only.

#3 High Quality Pictures

For royalty free pictures, you can google images with usage rights filtering. However, the problem with this is, the pictures aren’t really good quality and I have a difficult time finding something useful. So, here I wanted to share with you few sites where you can get high quality pictures that are royalty free. All the sites listed below doesn’t cost a thing and only Death to the Stock requires sign-up.





Death to the Stock – Subscription required; Once you subscribe, you will get 10 free photos (every month) in your mail box.

#4 Basic Customization of the Website

This section applies to WordPress users only, so if you are a Wix or Squarespace user, you can skip this section altogether (I think you don’t have to deal with coding at all, right? – how lucky ☺).

Basic concept of coding – This website does a good job on introducing the concept of coding (html, css, php). I think it’s helpful to understand the big picture before you delve into website customization tutorial videos.

Tutorial videos :

YouTube Channel <Luckywabbitwebdesign> – I highly recommend watching the 3 video series.

Customize any WordPress Theme (Part 1) – Understanding style.css, header.php, footer.php

Customize any WordPress Theme (Part 2) – Understanding style.css, header.php, footer.php

Customize any WordPress Theme (Part 3) – Child Theme

YouTube Channel <Mariwriterdesigner> – Another great tutorial video using the child theme. And she has such a soothing voice too! 🙂

Customizing WordPress Site

#5 Creating Logo/ Artwork or Editing Photos

PicMonkey – You can edit pictures, create collage, or design a logo. You can think of this as a simplified version of a Photoshop (well, very simplified). It’s free and you can start using without signing up. Functions are really easy to use and intuitive.

Fotor – This is very similar to Picmonkey. The good thing about this site is when you want to create something for Facebook or Instagram, it already has a template for you (i.e. the size is already pre-set). It also offers different fonts than Picmonkey, so if you don’t like fonts offered there, you can check out Fotor.

Free 30-day Trial – Adobe Illustrator/ Photoshop – I just downloaded free-trial version of Adobe Illustrator. Seems much more complicated than Picmonkey and Fotor so, I’m currently experimenting. I’ll update this section as I learn more but if you’ve been using them, please provide insights in the comment below. 

There you have it!  I hope the information has been helpful. I know, it’s tough to be a beginner, but if we invest our time to learn, I’m sure we will be a pro blogger in no time! 🙂

If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to leave me a comment or send me a message. Happy blogging!

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