5 Struggles Only New Bloggers Understand

Are you new to blogging? Well, me too! In fact, I started roughly two months ago and very new to this whole blogging thing. As a new comer, we all have growing pains and, in today’s posting, I wanted to share with you five struggles all new bloggers go through. So, if you relate to the points below, don’t worry – You are not alone!


Now that you’ve bought your domain and set-up hosting, you are pretty much done with the hardest step right? Wrong – This is just the beginning!

You see, that’s what I thought when I first started my blog. All I had in mind was to have my own little space in the internet where I can document my journey of simplifying life. And, once I got that space, I was ready to freely express my thoughts and start writing. But wait, I have to choose a theme?

Depending on which website creation tool you are using (I’m using WordPress), your experience may differ slightly. But, regardless, I’m sure you felt overwhelmed as a beginner. What is SEO? Which plug-ins do I need? — WordPress terms still give me headaches. What about the look of your website? How come it doesn’t look like the demo? Oh wait, that requires customization? How about pictures? The posting looks so much nicer with pictures, but I’m not a photographer. Where can I get pictures without getting sued?

Coming up with a content and organizing my thoughts into a neat article is already a challenge. But, little did I know, there was whole lot more to blogging than writing.

Do you feel the same way? Then, please check out my posting: Helpful Resources For New BloggersI gathered few resources that I found it to be super helpful for beginners. There are lots of resources out there, but it is quite a challenge to find the ones that are easy to digest. I really hope it can help you as much as it helped me.


We all have it – the little voice in our head telling us that we aren’t creative enough. I feel the same way too. But, I start to wonder, maybe I am misunderstanding what it means to be “creative.” I used to think that creative people are born with natural talents. Drawing, painting, and creating are something that comes natural to them. I thought they have a distinct personality too –free-spirited, adventurous, and eccentric. So, based on my misperception, I automatically thought that I’m not creative.

As I started my blog, I met many creative people (e.g. other bloggers, creativity group members, etc.) and I noticed they aren’t all born with the natural gift. In fact, lot of them didn’t have any artistic background. Creating comes in many different shapes and forms and I’m starting to believe if you can create something that can be offered to the world, you are a creator. And, coming up with something to offer to the world (whatever it may be) only happened because you were creative!

So, when you hear that little voice, tell yourself, you are not creating for the world to judge you. You are creating because you have an urge inside you wanting to express. And, most importantly, you are creating because it makes you feel good. ☺

Still have doubts? Read this: 10 Ways to Overcome Creativity’s No.1 Crusher


Okay, this is something that I suffer from quite often. As a new blogger, it is important to visit and  explore other successful blogs. You can learn their successful factors, observe their web design, or simply be inspired. But as you look through their blogs, you unconsciously start comparing your blog to theirs and you feel like you fall short… I mean really short.

But, here’s what it comes down to. If you start falling into the comparison trap, you will always feel like you fall short. I mean, even though you become successful down the line, there will always be that other blogger that seems to be better than you– it’s just a lose-lose situation after all. So, let’s remember:

  • Use successful blogs as a guideline, a place where you can learn something new that   can help you grow your blog, rather than a competition.
  • If it is upsetting you more than you think, stop visiting other blogs and solely focus on yours for now.
  • Successful bloggers didn’t start out that way. They’ve been blogging for a while and had to learn through trials and errors to build what they built today.


Maybe you started your travel blog because you have great passion for traveling. Maybe, you simply wanted to write about the topic you’re interested in. We all started for a reason, but did you envision where you would be 5 years down the line? Do you know exactly where you are headed?

Don’t get me wrong. I’m sure there are bloggers out there who had a clear vision from the get go, but many of us just started with one idea in mind — to create something that’s meaningful.  We took the initial step of setting up a blog (and it’s a very difficult step!) not knowing exactly where it will take us.

If you are like me, you may feel a little uncomfortable not knowing which direction your blog is headed. Through out my whole life, I’ve been trained to be clear on my end-goal after all. It isn’t abnormal to feel this way. But, what if, we take this time as an opportunity to explore. Focus on why you started the blog, continue creating what you meant to create, and try out different things. For example, my passion and goal of this website is to help others simplify their life. I haven’t really figured out my clear direction but I’m exploring at the moment — I try to use different approach on each of my postings (simplifying how to declutter, simplifying for new bloggers, how to simplify our minds, etc.).

If you are interested in finding different approach, read this (I love this article, and point #4 talks more on this topic): A Step-By-Step Plan To Change Your Career To Something You Love

Maybe, one day we will have a “ah-ha” moment and the direction will appear right in front of us – just like how we can see a beautiful view after the fog clears.


We are living in a face-paced world — we just want results fast.

If you ever been on a diet, you would probably know how losing weight fast will only lead to a yo-yo effect. If you are working on a project, and your sole focus is on getting things done quickly rather than getting it done right, you are prone to make mistakes. The point is, getting the results you desire fast is not always a good thing.

After you set up a new blog and wrote your first posting, you feel great, but only to find out there isn’t any viewers. You may also have dreamed about a life you always wanted — working flexibly in a comfort of your home. Creating and working in your own terms while making money! But then again, you are spending more money while really not making any. 

As a fellow new blogger, I don’t have visitors either. I also wonder how long will it take to ever have any consistent visitors for that matter. But, if there is one thing I noticed about successful bloggers after reading many of their stories, it is that they persevere.

When they started their blog, they never really focused on web traffic. They never even knew that they will be successful as they are today (i.e. being successful wasn’t their end-goal). They all say money came way after. Instead, they focused on their creation and their audience.

So be patient and forget about money for now. Let’s remember there is no such thing as ‘becoming a successful blogger from day one.’ It will take time and it should. However, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a timeline or some sort of strategy in mind. In fact, I think you should have a plan how to develop your blog overtime, but let’s not despair if you don’t become successful as fast as you anticipated.

Here’s my rough plan:

Blogging Plan

What was your struggle? I would love to hear so please share your experience in the comment below. Also, if there’s anything I can help as a fellow blogger, please send me a message! Happy Blogging! 🙂


  1. I feel the same way!! Sometimes I don’t even know what to do to my site especially when it comes to adding a badge or something. I feel confused about 80% of the time lol. All I’m worried about now is gaining followers n then hopefully the $$ will come.

    1. Hi Jazmin,
      I totally know what you mean. Definitely there are so much to learn! 🙂 What’s your site address? I would love to check it out.

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